Our Services

Home Maintenance Services

Toilet Repair & Installation Services

Toilet repair and installation team focused on solving your particular problem as efficiently as possible.

Kitchen Plumbing Services

We offer fast and reliable kitchen fixture repair, whether it is the sink and faucets and including installing Dishwasher and washing machines.

Valve Installation

We can install a variety of Valves.

Drain Cleaning Services

Our methods are safe on your pipes and the environment. Whether your toilet seems sluggish or the drain is clogged in your kitchen sink.

Water Heater Installation

Installation of water heater

Water Tank Cleaning Services

We provide water cleaning services that are specially designed to eliminate the unclean elements that are impacting on your water cleanliness.

Water Audits and Installation of Water Saving Devices

conduct water audits for water network and offer different types of water-saving devices.

Awareness Program

Awareness Campaign is one of the main objectives of WWPC, Cooperative implement a series of activities and initiative to raise the awareness in all levels of society about the importance of saving water to cope with its scarcity and ensure sustainability.

Plumbing Training

WWPC of train on a basic level of plumbing, through a certified team with solid experiences with private, governmental and international organization.
The training program designed to help Trainees gain the basic knowledge and skills relevant to becoming a plumber.

If you are interested in home plumbing training, please click Here